Still Struggling Make Money Online..?

You Can Even Have Your Own Product Machine Running With Profit As Soon As Tomorrow By Swiping My Actual Easy Product Machine Checklist & Layout

The Income Above Is Easy Even If You:

  • Are struggling in creating a product
  • Have ZERO ideas of a product
  • HATE product creation
  • Don't have a clue how to make a product

Check out What Our Customers are Saying:

My Business Doubled!
"Since I bought and put in application what Rapid Product Machine is about, my business doubled. Very Informative and Newbie friendly. Highly recommended to everyone!”
- Attila F.

6-Figures Complete Guide
"As a product creator I can say that your course is a complete guide about making 6-figures or more through creating your own stuff. It is so simple and easy to follow program, which can lead to real results!"
- Dr. Bo

One of Best Ways to Make Money Online…
"This is definitely one of the best ways to make money online and Lemy takes you by the hand and shows you the whole process from A to Z.
Highly Recommended!"
- Art Flair

Allow me to introduce my self...

From: The Laptop of Lemy Yu - Tangerang, Indonesia.
RE: Your "Money Machine" Product...

Dear Indonesian Marketer Friends,

I remembered when the first time I got pitched into Internet Marketing World on 2008.

It’s said about “How to make a Million of Dollar online in just Three days”.

I was shocked:

"WHAATT...?? Is this for real??"

I wasn’t skeptical though, because I deeply believed that amount was “Achieve-able” since the man did it online, although it sounded “Un-Real”.

Shortly, I joined the workshop and started my first Affiliate-Marketing journey for the very first time in April 2008.

I tried almost every tactic you can ever think of about in IM:

  • SEO, PPC
  • Forum Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Viral PDF
  • PLR Articles and Ebooks
  • Plus many more...

I barely succeeded with those...

I Kept Buying And Buying
Lots of Stuffs...

...And never moved forward significantly.

I was stuck and hardly got help. Every time I asked for help, all I got was being offered with other products.

PLUS... with more and more “Shiny” things came around just to make my head spin faster.

Does This Look Like You?

Well, don’t worry... I was just like that too.

That is one of my reasons why I did “Stop and Go” doing IM couple of times in 2010-2013.

And those came with “NOT-Good” results... only a few bucks came in and still had this kind of “Extremely-Confused” feeling and not had a clue what the heck I was doing or where the exact point I wanted to go.

Until a breakthrough in 2014...

I Finally Realized Something!

After observing hundreds of Successful Experts out there...

... I finally realized that to succeed online like many Experts out there who bank BIG every month and make a full-time living online with it,

I Should NOT Do What The Experts
Tell Me To DO!

Now you may ask me why.

Yes, they are the experts. Yes, they have good courses and training on how to make money online. And yes, most of them are legit.

But there’s something they don’t teach you.


The moment I realized this,

My Business Changed Drastically

This is my “NEW” Mindset on internet marketing:

I MUST DO What Experts
Actually DO!

Okay... Let’s be straight here.

Experts always have one thing in common.

They Have a Product Or Service
to Offer

So, if you want to be an expert who:

  • Gets sales day in and out with almost doing nothing.
  • Gets authority status in your niche.
  • Is totally independent in your own business.

You MUST Have at Least One
Product of Your Own...

...regardless what niche you are in.

Whooaaa... Wait a minute.

I know the moment you read “Having your own product”, you may scream:

“I know that... BUT...”

  • “I don’t know how to make a product...”
  • “I’m a newbie, I can’t make a product...”
  • “I don’t have any experience at it...”
  • “Making a product is just not my thing...”
  • “And... blah... blah... blah...”

Let me tell you this...

Are you here in your online business only just for months or you are in this business for many years to come?

We are talking about how successful you want to be in this IM space.

If you say “As Long As Possible”, which you’re truly supposed to be, then there would be NO other way.

You MUST start creating a product now. At least one of them.

And DON’T worry...

You Could Easily Get Your Product
Done In 120 Minutes Or Less.

This is The Best Training…
"This is the best training I have learned on Product Creation by someone who actually has done it and succeeded!! All at a very reasonable price.
Don't miss this one!"
- Sandy Espinoza

Now I Have The Confidence Making My Own Product!
"After watching your training I now feel like I have the confidence to have a go at making my own product! Your step by step approach with the few simple and inexpensive tools makes me feel this is a real possibility. Thanks."
- Carl Vickers

Create Quality Products in No Time…
"This is seriously awesome! As a vendor, I know how long it can take to create a great product.

But Lemy has discovered the way to create QUALITY products in NO TIME at all! His Training makes it EASY to rapidly produce a value-packed product that your hungry market will LOVE and snatch right out of your hands!

Thanks again Lemy - you've really inspired me!"
- Liz Hopkin



Rapid Product Machine is a Simplified Step-by-step System with Easy Layout and Checklist Guide that will allow you to create your very own product in just 120 minutes or less.

The “Rapid Product Machine” will help you to easily create:

  • Ebook
  • Video Product
  • Audio Product

And you can do it easily with:

  • Done-for-you Product Layout
  • Done-for-you Product Checklist
  • Killer Ideas in 3 Major Niches
  • Step-by-step Detail Training

Even if you have:

  • No Single Idea on a Product
  • No Expert Status
  • No Money to invest

With Rapid Product Machine, you’ll easily create your own product and instantly brand your name in your niche. And you do it with almost no time because you’re readily armed with my own unique layout and checklist.

Just take a look at what some of these marketers are saying about Rapid Product Machine...

Step-by-Step Visual Instructions
"We already knew that in order to be successful in Internet Marketing we need a great product. Rapid Product Machine provided me with step by step visual instructions on how to create a product in a very simplistic manner."
- Hendrik Nieuwoudt

From Idea to Cashing Checks…
"During my years of Internet Marketing I have bought too many courses that promised to “show me the way”.

Lemy has created a new method for crafting quality products. This training is packed to guide you from an idea to cashing checks at the bank.

This is not like other products created by greedy product developers just looking to cash in on your inexperience.”
- Lane Coe

Here's What You'll Get Inside Of


Module #1
Rapid "Start" Guide (Value $67)

It’s all about preparation. This module will let you know what to prepare from “What-to-make” and “How-to-make” your high-value product.

It will also give you “Killer” Product Ideas in 3 different Major Niches in the IM Industry.

You’ll only have to “steal” one of the ideas to get started.

Module #2
Rapid 3-Pages Checklist Guide (Value $47)

Enough said. With these 3-Pages Rapid Checklist, you’ll be able to make your very own digital product in almost no time.

Complete with “Rapid Product Layout” which will even make it easier and simpler to create your product. (Doesn’t matter if it’s an ebook, audio, or video)

No more getting lost or worrying about “What-to-Do” and being afraid of something that might be left behind.

Your Job: Follow the steps to have your own “High-Quality” Ready-to-Profit Product today.

Module #3
The Rapid “Ebook” Machine (Value $147)

Inside, you will learn how to quickly make a High-Quality ebook in 60-120 minutes or LESS using this “Forgotten-Secret” technique and the checklist plus layout given in module #2.

Easy with simple step-by-step guide to follow for your rapid cash creation.

Module #4
The Rapid HQ “Video” Formula (Value $147)

You will learn how to create a high quality “Video” to be your product using simple software available for your both PC or Mac with a simple step-by-step guide.

It’s done by using 3 simple tools you might have not imagined before because they are already there and ready to help you anytime.

And yes, you’ll be guided to make it by also using the layout and checklist provided in module #2.

Module #5
The Rapid “Audio” Creation (Value $147)

Inside, you’ll learn how to create an “Audio” Product the easy ways.

And all is done with free tools and software, guided with easy step-by-step and the layout (also available in module #2).

All you have to do is press record, speak and save. Done... it’s your brand new product now.

Module #6
Instant PLR Method (Value $47)

Have no time to create content?

Use the only high quality “PLR” available out there to be your product in minutes.

I’m NOT talking about plug-and-play PLR that can cause you to get banned or stamped as a “Junk” marketer. That’s a big NO.

The flip side, you’ll learn the “Pro” tactics on how to use PLR as your product without having to spend time writing good content.

The key: “Faster Creation” for you, while still giving “Tons of Value” to the readers.

Module #7
The $368.40 Profits Formula (Value $197)

So, what’s next after you have your own product?

Here in this module, you’ll learn how to sell your product in the market with the affiliates promoting it and get sales.

This is the simple method that “Experts” use every time they want to sell their product and get massive profits in the market.

Simple and Replicable.

A Complete Arsenal...
"If you're looking to get started online today this course has a complete arsenal to be successful online.

Lemy is a caring teacher who has proven success online and has delivered a course with all value, no B.S.

I am excited about what I've learned and am excited for anyone who becomes his student."
- Daniel Kerby

RPM Makes It Simple…
"Rapid Product Machine breaks down creating a digital product as simple as I never have found anywhere.

It is refreshing to see a product like this that over delivers with all the bonuses and extras.

Thanks for putting in the extra effort to make such a useful product."
- Dave DeMille

Can you see it now?

Creating a product is no longer pain-in-the-a** for you if you just follow the layout and guide given above.

And with all the tools, checklists, layout, and step-by-step easy training given, now there’s no reason left why you can’t create and make money with your own product.

“Okay Lemy... You’re Right...
But Now... How About The Price?”

Okay... Hold on and take it easy there... 🙂

Since I know you would need more help “before or after” creating your product, I decided to share with you these Secret Insider Guide & Tools to make you even smoother and faster in your “Making Money Online Journey”.

And I’m giving you all of these since I believe you’re one of the FAST Action-Takers out there.


RPM - Mindmap (Value $67)

I’ll give you the access to the whole mindmap from the Preparation, Ebook-Video-Audio Creation, and How to Sell Your Product in the Market.

It’ll be lots easier for you to have these all.

The 10-Minutes 3D Ecover (Value $47)

After you have your own product, you’re going to need it to be designed in 3D like these below:

I’ll give you the full tutorial to do it in 10 minutes or less, plus the tools to make those 3D ecovers.

The 4-Pages Website Templates (Value $77)

After you have your own 3D ecover above, now it’s time to put it into “4-Pages Auto Cash Machine” which will sell your new product to the market.

This bonus will show you the exact 4-pages samples from my previous launch.

All you need to do is model the 4-pages to be uniquely yours.

The Product Release Checklist (Value $27)

This “Done-for-You” Checklist would ensure your offer getting more exposure in the market.

The goal is to attract and invite affiliates to drive traffic to your new site and offer.

Lemy’s Insider Resource Book (Value $67)

What if you have no time? Or you want to speed up the process all of these?

Inside, you will know every tools and resources I’ve been using personally which helped me to get done almost everything in my online business.

All you need to do is pick the resources that suit your need and use it for your advantages.

Also, you’ll get the transcription of the training in MP3 Version, in case you’d prefer listening while you’re mobile...

RPM – Audio Version – MP3 (Value $27)

You will also get all the full RPM training in MP3 version.
Just plug it into your smart phone and you’re ready to go.

With that said...

Let's Recap Everything You're
About To Get Inside Of

The Rapid Product Machine:

Combined Total Value:

$ 1,111

But You're NOT Going To Pay That.

Why? No specific reason. I’m here to help.

Now you’re probably asking now if there’s something you must pay again behind this training...?

The answer will be “NO”. Rapid Product Machine is an independent training covering all you may need to create a product and sell it to the market.

You Will Get The ENTIRE

Rapid Product Machine + Bonuses

For A One-Time Low Investment of:


Beli Sekarang!

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  (Gunakan Kupon EARLYBIRD untuk Mendapatkan Potongan Rp.300.000,-)  

But you must act fast.

To be honest, I don't know how long I can offer this course at this low price. If you don't take action now, the price could be higher next time you visit this page.

Also, to make your investment to be more secured, I’m shooting this Solid
7-Days Money Back Guarantee...


Satisfaction Guarantee

The Guarantee is simple. Check out for Rapid Product Machine right now and use it for your own online business advantage for the next 7 days.

And if for any whatsoever reason you’re NOT happy with it, simply send us an email before 7-days period is over, and we’ll give 100% of your money back. No question asked.

The RISKS are all in me. You have all the ADVANTAGES and NOTHING to lose.

I’m as sure as that to give you this guarantee.


You’ve been fully secured with the “crazy” guarantee above. Nothing left to worry about.

Here’s what others are saying…

Clear and Easy Process to Follow…
"Rapid Product Machine makes the process of creating your own product clear and easy to follow.

Lemy’s Insider Resource Book and Product Release Checklist are great resources whether you are a newbie or experienced internet marketer.

And his 10-Minute 3D Ecover is another super bonus that really helped me create a great looking ebook cover. Thanks, Lemy!"
- Jan Revell

This Course is A Great Help
"Lemy takes you by the hand in helping you learn how to create quality products fast and kill it when you release it.

He provided resources that you can use in creating your own product machine, which for me is really a great help."
- Vince Rivera

All You Need to Create Your Product Machine…
"Lemy really does break the intimidating process of creating ebooks, video tutorials and audio training files into simple straight forward and easy to accomplish steps.

I was impressed that this course backs up what it promises: All the tools you need to create a Rapid Product Machine. Thanks Lemy!"
- Jesse Beaty

None Has Been Easier Like RPM!
"Wow! Lemy, the Rapid Product Machine is the best.

I've tried many similar products but none has been as easier until I found yours.

Your Rapid Product Machine has since solved the many challenges I as entrepreneur face with the present day marketing skills required."
- Tim Ede-Abel

Once you get in, you’ll get the entire “Product-Creation” Training and having your own Pro “Offer” and “Cashing-In” from it as soon as you release it to the market.

All is just for a Limited Low Price of


Beli Sekarang!

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  (Gunakan Kupon EARLYBIRD untuk Mendapatkan Potongan Rp.300.000,-)  

Grab it now while it’s still at low price.

This “Crazy-Low” Price is going to be your best investment ever. Plus “Your-Secured” Guarantee.

With that said, thank you so much for reading this letter and I’m so excited to see you inside of Rapid Product Machine Training to help you move forward in your online business.

Signing off now and once again, I’ll see you inside.


P.S. Note this! The moment you know how to have your own product and sell it to the market, you’ll be marked as an “Expert” instantly. This means long-term cash-pie for you.

P.P.S. Get this Rapid Product Machine now, learn and implement it to create and have your own products over and over again with the Easiest Replicable Step-by-Step System.

P.P.P.S. Get it now while it’s still at low price... (with secured 30-days 100% money back guarantee).


Beli Sekarang!

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  (Gunakan Kupon EARLYBIRD untuk Mendapatkan Potongan Rp.300.000,-)  

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